To Speak is to take Action.

Lisa PorterYour voice is a vital part of your life force, constantly revealing you to the world around you and advocating for your thoughts, needs and desires. While we may not have control over everything in our lives, we can express ourselves in a way that ensures that we are heard and understood. I am passionate about this power within each of us, and clear and experienced in the ways of developing the voice as one of our greatest tools in the ever challenging path of our work and lives. Whether you are a business professional, lawyer, teacher, public speaker, performing artist or someone who wants to communicate more fully and clearly, I can help you achieve your goals and shift your work, your art and your life into a place of greater satisfaction.

Business Professionals

  • Strengthen your confidence and develop an energized ease to your presentations.
  • Develop your abilty to successfully engage in difficult conversations.
  • Discover ways to remain personal and engaged while conducting business over the phone.
  • Maintain an authenticity when speaking to anyone in your business world, regardless of their status.



  • Learn the art of successful persuasion.
  • Develop a strong, relaxed vocal instrument that can survive the rigors of a long trial day.
  • Develop a range of expression that can bring your argument to life and allow you to adjust to the ever changing range of listeners.



  • Develop a strong, relaxed vocal instrument that can survive the rigors of a long day of classes.
  • Develop an ease and range of expression that makes students feel that you are talking to them, not at them.
  • Bring your lectures to life, infusing and renewing them with the authentic passion you have for your subject.


Public Speakers & Broadcasters

  • Learn to speak in a clear, personal yet dynamic manner that gains the trust of your audience.
  • Learn how to quickly analyze a story for clarity and substance.
  • Develop breath techniques that allow you to be at ease in front of the camara and microphone.


Performing Artists

  • Strengthen and develop your voice so that it easily communicates the full range of your character’s thoughts and feelings.
  • Maintain a relaxed, specific , connected and energized communication regardless of space, medium and stakes.
  • Learn to speak and feel so that feeling is neither the ingredient that overwhelms you nor the end result.


Additional Services

Dialect Coaching and Accent Reduction

Pinpoint what specific sounds are leading to you being misunderstood and shift them without losing your identity.

Life Enhancement and Personal Growth

Develop a physical ease and breath connection that allows you to be relaxed, present, energized and ready for whatever life brings your way.